Louis Felix: 100 Per Cent Made in France

Louis Felix: 100 Per Cent Made in France

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Handmade in France’s Cholet region, Louis Felix is making its name as a luxury shoe brand. Founded by Billy Lagré, he launched Louis Felix in 2012 with the objective of making it 100% made in France.

A designer and patternmaker with over 20 years experience in Europe and Asia, Billy Lagré is very much aware that 1 out of 3 luxury brands is French. Understanding and realizing its impact internationally, the idea of creating a brand that is 100% Made in France is logical.

With the shoe business being very familiar to him, Lagré decided to launch Louis Felix with a complete sense of freedom and the central idea of mastering each step of production. He named it after his two grandparents: Louis for his father’s dad and Felix, the shoemaker father of his mother.

Billy Lagré’s passion for leather immediately showed in the first collection of Louis Felix Souliers. Every aspect of the production is undertaken by a small team of craftsmen and artisans with Lagré at the helm.

Using exceptional material and high-quality manufacturing, every pair of shoes that comes out of the Louis Felix atelier is a statement of the label’s quality workmanship and impeccable style.