Philipp Plein Letter to Ferrari in Order to Suppert Civil Rights Movements

philipp plein


LUGANO – June 5th 2020

‘’Since over two years FERRARI SPA pursued a legal battle against me asking for a monetary compensation. Initially they requested 2 million EURO and now, after a strenuous negotiation, we went down to 200k EURO. The reason why they are asking me such compensation it’s because I posted a picture of my personal Ferrari on my private Instagram account. In this particular moment full of tragic events all over the world I feel completely inappropriate to fight over such irrelevant matters. Neither FERRARI SPA nor me REALLY need those money. Instead of continuing this useless litigation I asked my lawyer to settle the fight in order to make a contribution of 200.000 US dollars to the “Official Gianna Floyd fund” which is for the benefit of the daughter of the late George Floyd or to the Black Lives Matter Fund. I truly hope that FERRARI SPA will agree on this action towards a cause I have at heart since always. I am suggesting this solution to support the black community and not to promote myself or my brand. I’ve been the first designer who held a fashion show with an entirely black casting back in 2013 during Milan Fashion week and over the years I worked with the most important black talents such as 50 cent, Snoop Dog, Naomi, Tyga and many more. We must take actions immediately instead of wasting time and energy in such an absurd useless fight, I officially ask FERRARI SPA to come together to make a difference. Said this, even if FERRARI SPA won’t agree with my request, I will still make a personal donation in order to support such an important cause. “


Philipp Plein

philipp plein