Simply Be Beautiful With Your Curves

Simply Be Beautiful With Your Curves

LONDON, Sep 27, 2010 / FW/ — With the Marilyn Monroe exhibit currently running at the Jersey Museum, the question “Was Marilyn Monroe a Size 16?” reverberated all over the world.

Posed by London’s The Sunday Times in an article with the same title, the answer was very direct – Marilyn Monroe is a petite beauty who stood 5 feet ½ inch tall weighing 118 – 140 pounds, with bust size of 35-37 inches, waist: 22-23 inches, hips: 35-36 inches and wore a 36D bra.

Marilyn Monroe, the most celebrated sex symbol of our time and whom today’s screen sirens measure their “It” factor against, is too short and too plump for today’s “beauty standards.”

Another legendary beauty, the Venus de Milo, believed to be created between 130 – 100 BC and presumed to be a representation of the goddess of beauty, Venus (Aphrodite). Standing slightly larger than life at 6 ft 8 in tall, if Venus de Milo is proportionally transformed to a woman standing 5 ft 4 inch tall, she will have a 37-inch bust size, 26-inch waist and 38-inch hips.

Like Marilyn Monroe, Venus de Milo is curvaceous. Today, Marilyn Monroe will be approximately size 8 -10, while Venus de Milo will definitely be a plus size woman.

Following the self-confidence of these two legendary beauties, let us simply be beautiful with our curves! In fact, Simply Be is not just a phrase. SimplyBe is a one-stop shopping destination for on trend fashion for real women in sizes 10-28!

Available online at , SimplyBe specializes in larger womenswear and offers an extensive range of shoes and boots, casual wear, beachwear and accessories which were inspired by runway trends that compliment and flatter your figure.


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