The Best (and Worst!) Beauty Looks From the 2019 Grammy Awards

Best: Lady Gaga
Given the Grammys’ over-the-top M.O., people likely expected Lady Gaga to have the boldest look. Ever the unpredictable one, she surprised with a make-under. Tousled hair with visible roots and slightly smoky eyes delivered rock ‘n’ roll vibes.
Image: John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Best: Janelle Monáe
There will likely be many people attempting to DIY Janelle Monáe’s sculptural fascinator. At the very least, everyone should take inspiration from her thick braid and glowing natural makeup.
Image: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images


Worst: Andra Day
We salute Andra Day for being experimental and fully committing to a look, but her throwback hair and makeup sadly turned into a fembot costume a few millimeters of hair ago.
Image: Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

Best: Jennifer Lopez
We can’t see any of Jennifer Lopez’s forehead, but we can still see her on-point makeup look. The J.Lo glow was in full effect with her bronzed skin and glossy neutral lip. Bravo for wearing a hat that is grander than Pharrell Williams’ infamous hat from the 2014 Grammys. #Slay
Image: Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

Best: Cardi B
There aren’t many people who can pull off wearing what looks like a supersized embellished thimble in their updo and call it fashion, but not many people are like Cardi B. The rapper worked every single beaded detail. Additionally, she made a case for millennial pink eyeshadow and flirty lashes.
Image: John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Worst: Natasha Lyonne
#WokeUpLikeThis bedhead can be fab, but it can only go so far before it becomes straight up disheveled. Natasha Lyonne’s dry-looking strands seemed in need of some TLC from a deep conditioning mask.
Image: John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Best: Tracee Ellis Ross
Those who wanted drama got plenty of it thanks to Tracee Ellis Ross’ braids, which reached mid-thigh. Her fresh gym skin prevented things from becoming too intense.
Image: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Best: Alicia Keys
The host of the evening was barefaced and beautiful. She proved the best sort of glow is the one from within — and possibly a good serum. Her sleek updo exploded around her shoulders into a delight of curls.
Image: John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy