Thirteen and Ten, Both are very good years

Thirteen and Ten, Both are very good years

sheiwbDALLAS, Dec 31, 2007 through Jan 1, 2008 / FW/ — Happy New Year! 2008 marks two milestones for FashionWindows – its Newsletter is 10 years old and FashionWindows has been online for 13 years!

Officially, FashionWindows has been an online magazine starting in 1997, but before it was FashionWindows, it was actually Sheiglagh’s Store Windows and it called Geocities as its home where it claimed a homestead in 1995.

FashionWindows has humble beginnings. Originally a “web page” in the then free hosting site called Geocities (it was later bought by Yahoo to become Yahoo Geocities), with originally one megabyte of storage.

While still at Geocities, I bought the domain name FashionWindows, but did not have the money to start a website because during the early days of the web, server space was very expensive. It was not until 1997 when I finally had the courage to launch, hence the anniversary date of 1997.

And for old time’s sake, here is Sheiglagh, our original mascot. She still exists in the very old pages of FashionWindows, but with the redesign coming up, this might be the only page where she will be in the virtual house that she built.