Parisian Haute-couture Embroidery Goes Online

Parisian Haute-couture Embroidery Goes Online

LONDON, Jul 28, 2011/ — Who says haute couture is dead has not seen the new business model where contemporary art is applied to your own denim.

The first buds of Spring were just appearing in March when Parisian bespoke haute-couture embroidery couturier Preciously [ ] turned to top London agency Napkin London [ ] to design a website that would embrace its innovative business model and communicate the luxury with a touch of fun it needs to project itself to its worldwide Ultra High Net Worth clientele.

Preciously’s innovative business model of doing the embroidery work on the client’s own favourite denim gives the brand a distinct advantage in making the whole experience of commissioning a piece stress-free and fun, it also solves the problem that many people have of worrying whether the item will fit when it arrives.

“A great deal of thought has been given to the ergonomics of the site to make sure that the client on the other side of the screen was not sacrificed on the altar of graphic design as is often the case with luxury websites,” says Napkin London’s Fabrice Paget offers clients the ability to pay by credit card but that element has been adapted for the particular process of commissioning a one-off and put in its right place as the last and inconspicuous step it should be.

“You wouldn’t start designing a physical store around the cash register so why would I start designing a website with the shopping basket?” says Paget.

The website, conceived with ergonomics and design equally in mind, presents a collection of stunning limited editions [ ] of jeans (and beach shorts) and select examples of private commissions (called One Off on the site) using hyper-detailed photography [ ] that Napkin London art-directed and shot in studio and on location in Paris.

Full-page images with smart alignment, zooms that activate automatically, captions that morphs into information that is displayed when needed and an obsessive attention to typography make the website equally beautiful and functional.

“It’s been a real treasure to find an agency that just ‘gets it,'” says Preciously founder Carole Tessier. “Also, they have been so flexible and so incredibly reactive that the project was not only smooth, but fast and fun.”