Tunic Dresses: A Wardrobe Staple

Tunic Dresses: A Wardrobe Staple

LONDON, Jan 24, 2011/ — If you check your wardrobe, you might be surprised how many tunic dresses you have.

Defined as a loose-fitting garment, with its hemline reaching the middle the thighs down to the knees, the tunic is a wardrobe staple. Season after season, designers propose their interpretation of the tunic dress, whether it was a spring/summer or fall/winter collection.

A very versatile garment, tunics can be crinkled, smocked, even a wrap. It is suited for petites, misses and tall women. And best of all, it can be worn with almost all kinds of shoes, from stilettos to knee-high boots.

During winter time, knitted tunics (sweater dresses) can easily be paired with leggings and winter boots for a chic look.

During spring and summer, lightweight tunics made from silk or other soft fabrics feel soft and look good on most body types. Wear them over jeggings or trendy legwear. Never wear tunics with baggy pants.

And of course, the best little black dress is a tunic. Easy to wear, easy to maintain and truly flattering for your figure!

Here are some tips on choosing the right tunic dress for you:

Petite girls should settle for short tunics, that is, the hemline should reach somewhere between mid-thigh and a few inches above the knee. Taller girls have more leeway in terms of length. Just remember that tunics can give you the lean long look that most women prefer, hence the length is very important.

A woman’s body shape also dictates the style of tunic one can wear. Pear-shaped and apple-shaped women should choose structured A-line contours. Hourglasses and inverted triangle women should choose straighter styles.

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